Office Tables and Desks

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CFG120G - Glass Top Coffee Table  CFG600G  - Glass Top Coffee Table
T1 - Coffee Table Round   CFDB1000 - Coffee Table Round
CFPLY500 - Coffee Table Shaped   CT-COF-900 - Coffee Table Round

 CT-COF-600 - Coffee Table Round

 900COFFEE - Breakout Coffee Table
TB34 - Breakout Coffee Table  TRNT18900 - Breakout Coffee Table 
CT-CSR-120 CT-TC3-120 
CT-CSR-120 Circular Table CT-TC3-120 Circular Table with Truncations
CT-TC4-20   CT-SST-21-600
 CT-TC4-120 Circular Table with Truncations CT-SST-24-600 Conference Table
CT-SST-24-750  CT-SST-15-750 
CT-SST-24-750 Conference Table CT-SST-15-750 Conference Table
 CT-SST-18-750 CT-DST-120 
 CT-SST-18-750 CT-DST-120 
 CT-SCS-120  CT-PTR-750
CT-SCS-120  CT-PTR-750 
 CT-QRT-750 CT-SQ4-60-18 
 CT-QRT-750 CT-SQ4-60-18 
 CT-PTS-750  CT-CIR-120
 CT-PTS-750 CT-CIR-120 
 CT-CIR-900  CT-SCR - 120
 CT-CIR-900  CT-SCR -120
 CT-SQT-750  CT-TPZ-750
CT-SQT-750  CT-TPZ-750 












 How to Buy

There are a variety of ways to buy any of Shawtec's products.  Government Agencies may order directly.

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