Shawtec respects the environment by developing and operating sustainable business practices. Sustainability requires that we pay attention to the entire life cycle of our products from manufacture to end of life disposal. We carry out practical initiatives to maintain a sustainable environment by minimising pollution, responsible use of resources, and implementing recycling initiatives.

We believe in being a good steward of all resources that go into our products and services. We are continually improving our work practices and refining the components of our products by locating and increasing the use of environmentally preferable options.

Some of our Environmental Initiatives include:

  • Minimising wastage and maximising efficiency in the consumption of raw materials within the manufacturing process. 
  • Minimising energy consumption and promote initiatives such as the use of natural light. 
  • Recycling and re-using packaging materials where possible. 
  • Using timber and timber products sourced from plantation forests that are certified and regulated by sustainable policies. 
  • Shipping in bulk to reduce packaging waste and allow for items to fit on delivery trucks, limiting emissions and use of fossil fuels. 
  • Managing waste effectively. 
  • Engaging suppliers who support healthy environmental practices.

 How to Buy

There are a variety of ways to buy any of Shawtec's products.  Government Agencies may order directly.

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