Classroom and Student Desks


Adjustable 520 - 720mm   Student Desks 600 x 600
DET3-Adj- Height Adjustable Desk 520 - 720mm Student Desks 600 x 600
 T9 Exam desk Table with shelf 600 x 600 
Exam Desk 750 x 450 600STBX - Student Desk with Under Storage
 DET10  DET11
DET10- Stacking Student Desk DET11 - Stacking Student Desk 
 DET3 Classroom Desk 1200 x 600 DET3 ADJ 
DET3 Classroom Desk 1200 x 600  DET3 - ADJUSTABLE 
DET4BG - Standard Classroom Desk DET4DG - Standard Classroom Desk
 DET4DW - Standard Classroom Desk MSDBS - Mobile Classroom Desk 
 CAR906052  CAR906057
CAR906052 - Study Carrel Yr 1/2  CAR906057 - Study Carrel Yr 2/3 
 CAR906062  CAR906068
 CAR906062 - Study Carrel Yr 3/4 CAR906068 - Study Carrel Yr 5/6 
 CAR906072 DET13 
 CAR906072 - Study Carrel Adult DET13 - Art Table Square 
 DET14 DET16 
 DET14 - Art Table Rectangular DET16 - Sewing Table  
 TLGTBL905 - Tilting Light Table  DFT12X9- Tilting Drawing Table



 How to Buy

There are a variety of ways to buy any of Shawtec's products.  Government Agencies may order directly.

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