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Sit to Stand adjustable table leg system by Shawtec

VariusTM is a latin word meaning 'changeable'.  Select an adjustable leg system for your school so tables can grow as the students grow...

Designed and manufactured in Western Australia.    


Instructions:  Loosen the hand wheel, select a slot to suit the required height. There are 5 positions for Low range (L) and 5 positions for High range (H).

The VS-10 series has a 10 position height range from sit to stand: L range: 580mm, 610mm, 640mm, 670mm, 700mm                    H range: 730mm, 760mm, 790mm, 820mm, 850mm

The VS-W series has a height range:                                              L range: 525mm 580mm 635mm                                            H range: 695mm 750mm 805mm

The VS-D series has a height range: 520mm 575mm 620mm 680mm 720mm

TheVariusTM leg system is available for all of the Shawtec range.

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Sit'n'Stand Electronic Desk and Workstation Specialists

Sit Stand 18x18

Shawtec manufactures an extensive range of customised Sit'n'Stand desks and workstations using the highest quality components and state of the art technology.  Control your desk from your Smart Phone! Desks and workstations are available in a wide range of configurations and colours.  Fitout solutions and office planning is our specialty.


 controller  2 STAGE CONTROL  APP 
 4 Memory Controller  Columns   Smart Controller module  Iphone & Android APP

Classroom and Office Furniture and Fitout 

Shawtec is a supplier for the Classroom and Office furniture Contract CUA FRN 2017.  This website provides details of a range of items which are approved for Government Purchasing. Prices for contract items on the CUA are fixed and are very competitive.  Quotes on standard CUA items are not necessary and you are assured the supply and quality of goods meet all Western Australian Government Purchasing Policy.

The Complete Range of Classroom Furniture.

Shawtec is on the CUA to supply a complete range of furniture to Schools. All products carry a 10 year warranty and are manufactured on state of the art production equipment. The complete range includes classroom desks, computer desks, tote trolleys, shelving, Postura classroom chairs, whiteboards, teachers desks etc. Custom designs are also available from Shawtec. Proudly WA manufactured and owned.

 Classroom Desks DET3  Postura Classroom Chair

Primary School Furniture.

12 bayBiteTeaching UnitTotePuppet

Shawtec's exciting range of Pre-Primary furniture and Play equipment is expanding. With just 3 designs in the Student Desk range, you can create interesting and functional classrooms.  CLICK HERE for classroom ideas

The Complete Range of Office and Fitout Furniture.

Shawtec's extensive manufacturing capabilities are available for major fit-out projects. We are a panel member selected to provide a complete range of furniture for existing and new fit-out projects.


Buy Local - support Western Australian manufacturing.

Shawtec employs Western Australians to manufacture the range of education furniture on the Government Contract. Products from other suppliers are imported or come from the Eastern States. When selecting, ask the question: Where is this product made? Am I supporting WA manufacturing?


Here is a preview of items that are available on CUA FRN 2017:

   FreeFORM Classroom Tables
 single cluster1 cluster2
 GeoFORM Conference and Training Tables  
 Trap Training1 Training2

Shawtec is a Western Australian Company, designing and manufacturing Classroom, Office, and Fit-out Furniture in Perth for the past 35 years. We are constantly striving to deliver exceptional service and a great product range whether you need an individual item or a major fit-out.

 How to Buy

There are a variety of ways to buy any of Shawtec's products.  Government Agencies may order directly.

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