Wall Mounted Commercial Whiteboards.  

  Wall mounted Commercial Whiteboard 

Commercial Surface 

  • Super Durable coated steel
  • Magnetic surface
  • aluminium frame 
  • Scratch resistant
  • Stain resistant
  • Australian made  
  • Concealed fixings
  • Landscape or portrait
  • Easy do-it-yourself wall mounting.


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 Code  Size  Price
 C0406      470 x 600   $84.70
 C0606      600 x 600  $95.70
 C0906    900 x 600 $106.80
 C0909      900 x 900  $127.60
 C1206   1200 x 600  $134.20
 C1209   1200 x 900 $156.20
 C1212  1200 x 1200  $180.40
 C1590  1500 x 900   $192.50
 C1512  1500 x 1200   $203.50
 C1809  1800 x 900   $213.40
 C1812  1800 x 1200   $223.30
 C2109   2100 x 900   $268.40
 C2112   2100 x 1200   $306.90
 C2409  2400 x 900  $288.20
 C2412  2400 x 1200  $328.90
 C2712  2700 x 1200  $405.90
 C3012  3000 x 1200  $418.00
 C3312  3300 x 1200  $460.90
 C3612  3300 x 1200  $497.20





We supply two types of boards with superior surfaces, both based on a steel sheet and therefore they are both magnetic

  • Vitreous Porcelain Enamel Whiteboards have a baked on glass surface similar to a stove or washing machine
  • Commercial grade. The writing surface is an acrylic material which is chemically bonded to the steel sheet
  • The steel sheet is lighter in gauge than porcelain steel and therefore weighs less
  • There is minimal marker solvent penetration of the surface over time
  • With care these boards are an excellent choice for low usage, general home, and office use where board care is allocated to specific people
  • You should avoid low quality substandard markers, and promptly erase after use, and use fluid whiteboard cleaner regularly to mantain original performance 

How to care for a whiteboard

  • Use only quality dry erase markers
  • Never use PERMANENT markers. If you do see "How to remove permanent marker"
  • Avoid household cleaners especially abrasive cleaners
  • Clean up text and drawings as soon as not needed
  • Replace erasers on a regular basis. They build up pigment
  • Avoid placing whiteboards in direct airflow from an air conditioner. Fumes, oils and other contaminants are directed onto the board surface.
  • Clean your whiteboard before first use and on a weekly basis using liquid whiteboard cleaner
  • Use liquid cleaner sparingly over the surface. Clean with soft paper towel or lint free cloth. Buff to a shine.
  • Wait 10 minutes after cleaning to allow moisture evaporation before use.
  • Test cleanliness with a finger pulled across board surface. YOU SHOULD FEEL RESISTANCE.
  • If finger glides smoothly, there is residue that requires additional cleaning.
  • If you need to use methylated sprits or Acetone to remove Permanent marker, avoid pre-printed markings as these will be damaged.

 How to Buy

There are a variety of ways to buy any of Shawtec's products.  Government Agencies may order directly.

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