Puppet Theatre and Shop


 Puppet Theatre


The Puppet Theatre and Shop is a clever design combining two activities in one product.

The unit is mobile on high quality rubber wheels and has storage for puppets. The front of the threatre has a pinboard providing an area for adding signs and details of the next show.


When the Theatre is turned around, it makes a great Shop where items for sale can be put on three levels of shelving.


         900mm wide x 300 mm deep

         1200mm overall height

        PTS-900 $484.00 inc GST 

            Standard: All White

       Alternative Colour Selections

            ADD 10% EXTRA


As supplied, the lettering Puppet Theatre and Shop is not included.

The permanent vinyl lettering as shown: $20.00

Velcro shapes are shown for illustrative purposes only.



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There are a variety of ways to buy any of Shawtec's products.  Government Agencies may order directly.

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