Classroom and Student Shaped Desks


STT-126 - Utility Table EUREKA - Classroom Table
BYT1000  CIR-120 
BYT1200 - Bite Table

CIR-120 - Circular Table

BYT1000  CIR-120 
BYT900 - Bite Table

CIR-150 - Circular Table

CIR-900  TC4-120 
CIR-900 - Circular Table TC4-120 - Circular Table with Truncations
 CLD9 DST-612 
CLD9 - Cloud Table DST-612 - Double Curved Table
WT2-606 WT2-606 WT2-126 
WT2-606 - Double Curved Table WT2-126 - Double Curved Table
PTR-606  CSR-120 
PTR-606 - Pentagonal Module  CSR-120 Circular Table with 3 Scallops
SQ4-1218  SCR-120 
 SQ4-1218 - Quarter Table SCR-120 - Semi-Circular Table 
SCS-1212  LDT-186 
 SCS-1212 LDT-186 - Intensive Learning Table 
 SQT-606 TPZ-120 
 SQT-606 - Square Table TPZ-120 - Trapezoidal Table
 PTL-600 YYP-120 
 PTL-600 - Shaped Table Module YYP-120 - Ying Yang Table 
 CONT - Peanut Table   



 How to Buy

There are a variety of ways to buy any of Shawtec's products.  Government Agencies may order directly.

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